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Capri Villas's web site was realized by Caprionline, an Italian web agency based on the island of Capri and in Naples. Specialized in travel and tourism, Caprionline is responsibile for all of the most important portals devoted to Capri as well as numerous individual hotel web sites.

Capri Villas' portfolio includes some of the most luxurious and beautifully-located homes in Capri and Anacapri. Choose a property from Capri Villa's collection and enjoy both high quality accommodation and the exclusive services organized by Renato and Luigi De Gregorio.

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Luxury villas on the island of Capri
Located in some of the most beautiful corners of the island, Capri Villas' holiday homes are the ideal choice for a truly memorable vacation or event.
You can choose from the following categories of villa:
Capri born and bred
Starting in the family's 2 Michelin star La Pigna restaurant, Luigi De Gregorio and his father, Renato, have always worked on the island of Capri. Luigi De Gregorio's Capri Promotion specializes in large scale public and private events. De Gregorio's villa rental company, Capri Villas, boasts a portfolio of 18 exclusive properties in Capri and Anacapri.
Concierge service on Capri
Want to host an unforgettable party on the island of Capri? Enlist the services of Capri Villas's concierge!
Capri Villas information and contacts
Contact Capri Villas to receive detailed information about a villa for your vacation or special event on the island of Capri.